We Offer:

- Pool Edgings
- Underwater Emblems
- Dairy Barns
- Golf Courses
- Dog Kennels
- Basketball Courts
- Walkways
- Player Boxes
- Horse Stables
- Parks Arenas

We Can Customize:

- Hopscotch
- Outdoor Chess
- Outdoor Checkers
- Corporate Logos
- Underwater Emblems
- Customized Messages.

Water Spray Grounds

Our water spray grounds are designed specifically for the childcare facility that needs water activities for children with a budget conscious approach.

Our basic spray ground consist of a concrete slab with positive drainage approximately 350-400 square feet with two spray streams shooting upwards and one overhead water feature. The spray features water supply is connected to the customers existing outside faucet and is designed to drain out when not in use. The concrete slab is overlaid with pour-in-place safety surfacing, that is .5 inch thick EPDM color rubber in order to reduce slipping, minimize scrapes and is more aesthetically pleasing. The cost for a spray ground as described is approximately $10,000 in the St. Louis area (note: site conditions can alter the cost).

Spray grounds are available in any size or shape, customize to fit your needs.