We Offer:

- Pool Edgings
- Underwater Emblems
- Dairy Barns
- Golf Courses
- Dog Kennels
- Basketball Courts
- Walkways
- Player Boxes
- Horse Stables
- Parks Arenas

We Can Customize:

- Hopscotch
- Outdoor Chess
- Outdoor Checkers
- Corporate Logos
- Underwater Emblems
- Customized Messages.

Runway Track Repair

Rubber running surfaces are, without question, the best running tracks available and are also the most expensive!

Bollinger and Associates' goal is to assist our customers by increasing the longevity of their investment. By providing services which includes, repairs, structural spraying, preventive maintenance, and expert consultation.

Most repair work can be minimized if the problem area is addressed in its early stages of failing.

Bollinger and Associates specialize in just track repair, and not whole track installations. By taking this approach we are able to focus on the problem area finish the job in the least amount of time, with the least amount of material, and pass the savings on to our clients.

We also construct track and field events such as long jump, pole vault, and triple jump runways, and pits.