We Offer:

- Pool Edgings
- Underwater Emblems
- Dairy Barns
- Golf Courses
- Dog Kennels
- Basketball Courts
- Walkways
- Player Boxes
- Horse Stables
- Parks Arenas

We Can Customize:

- Hopscotch
- Outdoor Chess
- Outdoor Checkers
- Corporate Logos
- Underwater Emblems
- Customized Messages.

Safety Surfacing - Sports Surfacing - Playground Equipment

S. Bollinger & Associates, Inc., is a St. Louis based company specializing in installation of pour-in-place rubber safety surfacing, primarily for playground surfaces and water parks. Our state-of-the-art technology has also been used in sports surfacing for major league baseball teams in the form of on-deck circles and foul lines.

S. Bollinger & Associates Safety Surfacing is available in any size or shape, with numerous applications being used everyday! View our complete line of Safety Surfacing.

We are always planning for the future, developing new ways to combine and mold our ideas into products that will benefit your children and the surfaces they walk and play on.

Poured-in-Place Safety Surfacing is an ideal choice for a variety of demanding applications or requirements. Indoors or out you will look forward to many years of a safe, long wearing surface suitable for use in most athletic play areas. A surface that provides continual fall protection in a wide range of weather conditions with virtually no maintenance.